Tohyo Game (Final Volume) – Manga Review

June 22, 2020

Watch my review on the last volume of Tohyo Game! Don’t forget to Subscribe!

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  • Yo dude, just sub and hit that like, nice no-so-spoilery review btw… I'm Just finished reading this Manga, literally, like 10 minutes ago…
    To me, was a pretty good survival themed Manga, just a little below Jinrou Game (the best so far, for me at least), somewhere near Battle Royale (recommend both)… It's safe to say that TG have a slow, plain and common start, but really really heats up at its final volume (figurative and literally) and a pretty good ending… But…
    Got one big question, and that's why I ended here (jeje SPOILER ALERT?)… In the smut round, there were six boys and nine girls, and survive three boys and six girls…
    … BUT, FACTS:
    – three girls go down on three boys.
    – the boy MC got action from three girls (the two fem MC and the glass chick).
    – the bad boy got three also, (the blackmailed, the womanizer and her bestie).
    – bad boy also confirms us later that all the girls go down (redundant but…).

    So… That's leaves us with one dude out… Who doesn't got laid?… What happened there? I'm guessing:
    A. Autor mistake?
    B. He did get laid, offpaneled… It's hard to explain, but that the intension overall: the bad boy, he and MC got 2 votes each been the only confirmed vote been the Weird psycho chick to MC, since it's can be assumed that's she's virgin. The other can only be guessed… But, why the girls choose the bad boy to begging with? All of them hated him, it's so illogical… But, he survived, so he had at least 2 votes…

    It's something I don't know if I skipped something (due to the smut-police cross screens) or what…

    What do u think? Sorry for the bad English men, I'm kinda rusty 🙂 will check your other videos later 🙂 cheers

    Héctor Mald. June 22, 2020 11:17 am Reply
  • Wait in volume 1 in the beginning that was their mom right and at the end if she didn’t kill him would they have killed the baby? I’m confused

    Rachelle Angeles June 22, 2020 11:17 am Reply
  • The ending was confusing for me

    Leather wolf June 22, 2020 11:17 am Reply

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