Monkey Land by Astro (CGA) |

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Monkey Land Astro Game Description:
Monkey Land Game Board
3D Complex Graphics With Simplistic Play
Direct Drive Ticket Printer/Dispenser
Game Manual
Standard 36/10 Pin Cherry Master Harness
CGA Graphics
3 Video (Non-Spinning) Reels
8 Lines
Progressive Double-Up Feature That Promotes Player interaction
Double-Up Game: Choose A Vine For A Monkey To Pull Down The Prize
Symbols Tossed Into Play By Monkey – Non-Spinning Style
Special Bomb And TNT Symbols Are Tossed Into Play To Transform Symbols
Score Box Feature
Game Count Feature
On-Screen Set-up
10X Multiplier
Treasure Bonus, Animated Fruit, And Exploding Bombs
1 Bonus Game: Treasure Box


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  • ???

    Shivam Butkoon June 22, 2020 4:48 pm Reply
  • It have an app for this game

    Shivam Butkoon June 22, 2020 4:48 pm Reply

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