Kitan Iwanaga (uturobune 2007): Hard 532M clear [WR?] (奇譚イワナガ)

June 27, 2020

Playthrough of freeware action STG Kitan Iwanaga by Buster/Uturobune on hard mode, going for a high score. The best I’ve seen before was a 508M run on nicovideo. Video has a bit of commentary at the very start but is mostly game audio only.

I recently found a setup that runs properly in fullscreen and is possible to play windowed at higher resolutions along with the developers previous game ‘Vacant Ark’ on the same engine.

This is far from a super good run so I’ll try to improve it later. I imagine you can get up to 580-600mil. Completely missed 2-3 big bullet cancels among other things (unnecessary hits, jumps and dashes reduce your timer/multiplier). Biggest mistake was killing the second to last boss with an accidental dash attack at one of the worst possible times.

The game is reminiscent of things like Sin & Punishment, Alien Soldier and various shmups. I remember playing this a bit when it came out all the way back in 2007, a bunch in 2014 and no doubt get back to it sometime soon. Really high quality Treasure-like game with a unique horror atmosphere for a shooter like this which is refreshing.

Reading through some of the story in the game manual: it appears in this ending the characters are walking on a dam that is central to the story. The game takes place in an isolated mountain village that was separated from more modern society, seemingly housing ‘stone’/immortality deities and a protector deity of married couples(?). The hidden village was discovered on a survey for dam construction. The dam being built in the ending signifies the village being integrated with the rest of society after the events of the game, but in the end it became a forgotten place.
Looks like the village had these robot looking constructs (or at least myths/drawings of them) acting out the role of the protector deity.


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  • So anyone know what happened to the 3d remake that was planned for 2012?

    Nemoguy June 27, 2020 10:16 pm Reply
  • I swear I've never seen someone in the community suddenly revive a game out of seemingly nowhere. Several people in the Shmups Argentina FB group, Shmups Discord and STG Rev 2020 have started trying out the game after you posted your last video. Now just a little bit more exposure from an event or something and this will be fire. i don't know how you dug this up from niconico or any other forum or something, but I sure as hell am thankful that you did.

    UBO June 27, 2020 10:16 pm Reply
  • Iwanaga & Vacant Ark with higher resolution windows & working fullscreen support on win7/8/10 + some added controller support here for now:
    Might be some technical issues I can't reproduce on my own machine, feel free to reply to this comment.

    Zaarock June 27, 2020 10:16 pm Reply

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