Irrigation | Game changer / #9

June 26, 2020

Let me show you how I add two different types of emitters on the drip irrigation I taught myself how to install.

The items I used and couldn’t remember the names are…
1 gallon per hour single drop emitter
Barbed fitting Tee
Barbed fitting Elbow
360 degree flow stake on drop emitter
Goof Plug
Garden staple
50 feet emitter tubing w/0.9 gph emitter spaces every 18 inches
1/2 inch emitter tubing
Fiskers Gardening bypass shears or pruners
Dig 1/4 barbed fitting insertion tool
Dig drip irrigation pro-punch for 1/2 poly tubing tool

*Not shown a Dig digital hose end irrigation watering timer

Benefits…Spot watering efficiency for greener, healthier plants w/ less water usage. Conserves water up to 50% compared to over head watering.


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  • Irrigation sure is a game changer! I'll be setting mine up soon. Thanks for sharing.

    Turf Therapy June 26, 2020 10:12 pm Reply
  • Keep it up👑✨♥️

    Ilike Foodies June 26, 2020 10:12 pm Reply

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