6 Surprising ways to use WebQuests in your classroom + Webquest creator GIVEAWAY!

June 25, 2020

Use WebQuests in your classroom to spice up lessons and student engagement. You can use WebQuests in so many different ways. I’m showing you 6 ways to use webquests in your lessons. I used BookWidgets as ultimate webquest builder. It offers you many ways to create interactive lessons.


Create a Webquest for free with BookWidgets. The first 100 viewers who create an account on BookWidgets get to try it out for free. Click on the link and sign up right here:

Need to know:
– Everything you create, you can keep on using, even if your gift card expires!
– You can also create automatically graded tests and other interactive lessons with BookWidgets:
– So how to create a webquest in BookWidgets? Here’s a webquest tutorial to get you started:

Find out which webquests I used in this video right here. Click on the link to take a closer look.

1. Classical webquest:
2. Webquest treasure hunt:
3. Webquest for microlearning:
4. Webquest for differentiation:
5. Webquest for in the flipped classroom:
6. Webquest for storytelling:

Here are 3 more ways to use webquests in your classroom:

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